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  • Call Today For a Free Quote

Home Renovations

Let us turn your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you want to remodel your entire house or renovate a single room, you have to start some where. Right now it may be a vision or a dream, and at Golden Gate Construction, we specialize in making your dreams come true. Call today so that we can take the first step together. 


Custom Kitchens

Looking to expand your kitchen? Perhaps you would like to update it to a more modern, functional space? What ever your goal is, our experts will help you design the perfect kitchen for your family. We offer a wide variety of brands and materials allowing us to customize
every aspect of your kitchen according to your needs.  




Bathroom Remodelling

Bathrooms have become
a greater priority for home owners with regards to individual styles, needs and capabilities. If your washroom is not catering to your needs our experts at Golden Gate Construction can change that. We can offer you a free consultation which includes
an assessment of your needs and wants ignorer to insure
we prioritize your comfort
and taste. 





Your Basement Is What You Want It To Be

Evidently, unfinished basements are overlooked because they're either used
for storage or they seam to overwhelming to even start. Luckily, at Golden Gate Construction basement renovations are our specialty. An empty canvas for us to transform into the space of your dreams. Call us today to receive a free consultation for your new basement. If you would like to walk through a
virtual tour of a finished
basement CLICK HERE