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From Concept to Reality.

Our Services


We pride ourselves on completing our projects safely, on time and within budget. We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients—with us you’ll have a partner who communicates changes effectively, and who is committed to delivering the project within the agreed timelines.


Our company is highly regarded for the trust the long-term relationships it has built with owners, consultants, and subtrades.


Our Construction Management service provides you with proactive and flexible solutions for all projects large and small. We act as your representative, selecting and managing contractors while ensuring that we meet your timelines and keep within your established budget.


The quicker you bring your project to market, the more viable and profitable the project. That's why our Design-Build service has been created to significantly shorten the design development time.

Our Projects

A select few of our favorite projects, which we are extremely proud of.

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🗣 Words From our Customers

Alexa Vivaldi

From the Contractor to all the team members the service was amazing!

Farhaad Mirza

We didn't think we would ever finish our basment until Golden Gate stepped in. The designed, planned, executed the entire job and we counldn't have been more impressed. Thank you so miuch for a wonderful job well done.

Alisar Bawab

Golden Gate construction did a fabulous job in our home. They were efficient and their work on our floors replacing the carpet with hardwood came out perfectly. They also gave our small kitchen a much needed backsplash renovation that left the whole kitchen looking brighter and larger than before. Thank you to the golden gate team for making this house feel more like a home! We could not recommend a better team to work with!


How close do you stay to budgets?

In order to make sure our budgets are as accurate as possible, we keep our clients informed of all possibilities from the beginning of the project in order to avoid surprises. The age of the home is the main factor that causes hiccups during a project.

How Does your company handle construction permits?

When beginning a project, we can take on the responsibility of applying and seeing through the processing of the permit.

Am I responsible for buying the material for my project?

You do not have to purchase any material as we provide all the material for our projects.

Do you provide consulting services?

Yes we do. Many people who are undergoing renovations may require some advice and guidance to ensure everything is completed correctly.

How do I know if I should I renovate or sell?

This depends on several factors such as the condition of your home relative to your renovation budget as well as the potential value of renovating your home. This is something our specialists are very trained to analyze and we can definitely help out.

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